Spectator - Sirens - BDSM - Goddess Athena - Interview by Anastasia Baratto - Dominatrix - Bay Area SF Dungeon

Interview by Anastasia Baratto
Photos: Marc Richards

 To the Sirens first shalt thou come,
who beguile all men whosoever comes to them.
Whoso in ignorance draws near them and
hears the Siren's voice, he nevermore returns...
the Sirens beguile him with their clear-toned
songs as they sit in a meadow and all
about them is a heap of bones of moldering men,
and round the bones the skin is shriveling.

-Homer, The Odyssy

The lure of the dominatrix is like that of the mythological creatures known as sirens. Beguiling victims with their beauty and strength, the dominatrix transforms her victim as though it has been killed, bones crushed, skin shriveled -- only to be reborn worthy of her presence. The Goddess Athena has assembled her own cast of beautiful bewitching Sirens. She has been gracious enough to let us in to her world, a world of magic, mystery, and mythology. A place only a goddess like Athena could inhabit.

Anastasia: I am joined by the Goddess Athena, originator of Sirens, a San Francisco-based collective of professional dominants. I'd like to begin with your background and how you came to the BD/SM scene. .

Athena: I got into the scene because I was trapped in an awful marriage. It began on-line where I was approached by three men who were desperate to be dominated. I went into a channel that said, "Red Tom looking for young goddess." Coincidentally, I used the name 'Goddess' on-line because my real name is Athena. After that, they started following me around the web. It was sort of annoying but I wasn't going to change my online name. After awhile I became somewhat excited about the whole thing and it became a lot of fun. I began seeking out all the channels, and I ended up with Gore. It's basically an alternate reality where men rule and females are all slaves. I thought it would be fun establishing myself as a female dominant powerhouse in an all-male dominant channel. I did that. After about two months, I actually started having men in the channel say, "Oh, you're a male sub? Go to Athena." I thought that was quite a compliment.


How did you transition into a professional dominatrix?

That was kind of easy. I found a real-life slave on-line. We established a relationship on-line and then finally met in-person. He was quite knowledgeable about the scene and he recognized me for what I was -- a dominant. I thought, 'This is my chance to really learn a lot right away.' Within a half a year or so after I collared him, I found that I really liked the lifestyle and I went pro to learn more, to be exposed to all these fetishes, all these fantasies, all these eager people who already know what they need and what they want. And I just kind of soak it all up. (laughs)

Was this here in San Francisco?

I started in Mountain View at Backdrop. It was a good start for me, but it had a strong male essence. I'm extraordinarily feminine so it wasn't a very good match. It gave me the chance to learn without any pressure, learn without being too exposed. I became more assertive, more powerful, more flamboyant as I grew more confident.

I went to your website www.sfsirens.com and found it very informative. One of things that intrigued me personally was your use of semi-hypnosis and power of suggestion. Yet it was interesting to read that you want your partners to be fully conscious. Can you tell me more about this?

I want them to be fully aware that they're giving themselves over to me. I'm not into forced scenes. The hypnosis comes from my love of vampirism. Like in old movies where you see these men falling in thrall with women. I see the Vampiress as the ultimate dominatrix. She's seductive, she's powerful, and she's irresistible (laughs). How does she do that? She does it through the use of her voice, the use of her body, and the use of her eyes. She stalks in an almost predatory way where she hardly says anything. It's as though she were giving off a vibration and luring from afar. This is something I've practiced. I call it projection. It's extending your aura and projecting it away from your body. When you walk in a room, a fun little trick to do is see how many people you can get to look up. I also teach people breathing techniques in session, as well. Sometimes I actually steal their breath. I come close to them and I [makes inhaling sound] take their breath from them. And then I give it back from my own body and push it into their body, so they're being emptied and then they're being filled by me. Penetration, without sex, is something I love. The biting and nail pressure where you get that feeling of danger and possible penetration. It's very arousing. (laughs)

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