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Let me remind you that you are here to please me in any way I see fit.
-The Goddess Athena

To subjugate a slave there is nothing better than improvising torturous attacks upon their most vulnerable or self perceived valuable assets. The penis of a male is an especially good place to start with wicked expressions of creativity. Hands should be restrained with cuffs or ties to keep his naughty paws from blocking the view. Once he is properly restrained one might start with a few good slaps or some clamps to sensitize the area. This beginning type of play also makes the slave in question aware of the possible ordeal in store. Other torturous forms of play to follow may include whipping, caning, weights and prolonged squeezing of tender body parts. Never underestimate the value of warming up the region before beginning true torture.

This little bit of flesh does not escape my focus any less than any other part might. The fact that you feel it should be spared or dealt more lightly only arouses our cruelty. Those titties of yours will be slapped pinched and abused. Prepare yourself because clips and clamps are only the beginning of what we have in store for you.

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