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Firm and quickly administered discipline is best for encouraging a quick and well-meant apology for bad behavior. The apology should be both resolute and fully comprehensive of the observed infraction. Punishment should not be ended before the one in charge is fully satisfied with the sincerity and completeness with which the apology has been given.

Discipline is the most important cornerstone for realizing long term goals with a slave and without it any time spent is only play.
-The Goddess Athena

Corporal discipline should be given in a firm and authoritative tone indicative of training or to bring attention to an inappropriate behavior. A sound spanking given over the knee whilst preaching the value of better judgment in the future may be all that is necessary or can be merely the prelude to a harsh paddling or even more strict form of punishment. This kind of punishment needs to be resolute and no nonsense in nature for boys or girls that take such lessons lightly will indeed push their Master or Mistress to enforce more unpleasant action.




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