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My voice will tease you, taunt you and enslave you.
-The Goddess Athena.

Feel yourself falling, fading into oblivion with this first touch. This delicate hand holding within the weight of your eager soul. Touched by Her, She will send you spiraling without anchor, without any hope of defying Her wanton will upon you. Breathe in and feel yourself filled, completed by the smell of Her perfume and silken hair. Savor each intoxicating gasp until your lungs filled to bursting demand that you exhale.

A door within you will open upon Her tender command. Repeating, "i exist to please Her, i live to bathe in Her favor, i will do anything She asks and will ache to learn more so that i might serve Her need."

Barely aware you feel Her gentle manipulations and find no resistance. Here you find your world has become simple beneath Her direction. She has given you absolution and removed all anxiety.

"Slave, you exist to please Me, I have become your world. There are no others, everything else has faded with My first touch. From this point on you will find yourself complete only in My presence. All other pursuits pale in comparison and will satisfy you only when you know that your efforts please Me. Release and feel the fall into My arms, release your fear, release yourself."

The Goddess Athena practices what She terms as Suggestion. This form of mild hypnosis is achieved through the use of rhythmic voice intonations and controlled breathing exercises. She has not had formal hypnosis training and does not "put people under" or make use of "implanted commands". Previously She felt that these techniques robbed the consentuality between partners but She is considering going forward to learn such skills for use with a select few loyal and devoted partners.


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