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An experienced role-player can create dialogue out of thin air and eagerly awaits the chance to respond with the extraordinary.
-The Goddess Athena

We can make the vibrant memory of that special Aunt who gave you the spanking you deserved come to life. In our rooms you will find the teacher that kept you after school with paddle and ruler in hand. Certainly with one of us as your mother you can be assured that we wont stop until you have learned your lesson well! And for those of you who can't resist a sweet young girl in knee socks and school skirt there can be nothing more enjoyable than spanking one of our girls. For details on other fantasies and stories written by the women appearing on these pages click on their individual pages or the story icon.
Remembering that most fantasies are based on memories of those who have influence in our lives and those that we see every day explains why this type of play can be so powerful. And for those that fantasize about things beyond the scope of reality, well you can't find that sort of thing anywhere but in a place like this.




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