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If you have more specific questions or if your particular fetish or fantasy is not addressed please feel free to contact us for more information. To schedule an appointment you may contact by phone at 415-244-5382 for information about our Downtown SF location. Questions and requests for appointments will also be addressed through e-mail. We take calls from 10am to 10pm Pacific Daylight Time. The availability of the women on these pages does vary. Call early or in advance to secure a higher probability of obtaining the session of your choice. Session donation covers an entire basic scene, which includes, negotiation time before session start, room rental and a reasonable amount of downtime needed after session end. Tip is not required. Sirens has a strict no sex policy.

Duo sessions are defined as having more than on professional participate for the length of the entire session. An extra donation will be given for every extra professional participant. Fantasy or BDSM sessions are available and may have participants in various roles. Men may also be available to participate in duo sessions in a professional capacity. We also offer sessions where profesionals will exhibit their skills with each other. Voyeurism is definitely understood and accepted with Sirens.




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