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For intensely stupid slaves and unworthy supplicants there isn't any equal to a good slap of humiliation to bring about moments of clarity.
-The Goddess Athena

Bad boys don't deserve punishment or treats of any kind. The best way to deal with an ill-mannered boy or ego inflated brute is to grind him into his proper place with an effective verbal assault. Animals who do not know how to speak to a Lady may be caged or gagged as she may dictate. Obnoxious males who think their puny penis might inspire oooh's and ahh's might find it restrained and ridiculed under a pair of frilly lace panties. Don't try to impress me, your pathetic attempts only make me laugh!
Humiliation can be playful or brutal in nature. It is the work of the individual in charge to determine the best course and follow it through with wicked determination. Oh dear, have I hurt your feelings? Good, that was exactly what I wanted.
There is nothing more shameful than knowing how well deserved one's own humiliation is.
-talos ~ lifestyle submissive




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