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Athena and Adult Video Star, Rebecca Lord, get 'close' at the Power Exchange Halloween Ball '00

Many of the Women of Sirens make public appearances on a regular basis either to private party functions or to large promotional gatherings. If you are interested in training as an entourage member or in perhaps having the pleasure of seeing a Siren out and about check here for functions they might be attending.

Goddess Athena regularly attends various SM functions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Her next appearance will be the Power Exchange New Year's Eve Ball. Those slaves interested in being a part of Her entourage may petition Her by email. Only four lucky souls will be chosen based upon the content of their petition and the value of their offering.

Goddess Athena regularly finds 'something' to do when She's at Special Events

Featured Guest
DomDominion Fetish Ball
May 30, 2003

DNA Fetish Ball
April 26, 2003

Goddess Athena vamps it up at the Power Exchange Halloween Ball '99

Janus as Cruella DeVil at the Power Exchange Halloween Ball '99

Goddess Athena has ALL the boys aching for Her divine touch at Folsom Street Fair 2000.

Goddess would have liked to have had this little girl's leash for more than just this picture at Folsom 2000.

Goddess Athena gets shined up at Folsom Street Fair '99

Both Medea and Athena attended the last party function hosted by SMC. Medea took Iniquity by Storm this May 30th. Seen with Lifestyle submissive talos, Athena attended the SM Prom hosted by Odyssey and can vouch for the rave reviews of its tremendous success. Watch for appearances by Athena at the next Odyssey Event, A Night in Pompeii, how could any self respecting Goddess resist? After Odyssey¹s last event even mortals could be called foolish who dared not attend! {http://www.smodyssey.com}

The Goddess Athena as Poison Ivy at the Exotic Erotic 97 Even the Devil himself can¹t resist Her!

The Goddess Athena at Folsom Street Fair 98

Folsom Street Fair 2001

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