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Not to worry! There are Women out there willing who enjoy tying down your male parts in order to transform you into the secret brazen tramp or innocent girl you always hoped to become. Come learn how to walk like a Lady and talk like the whore you are!

What could possibly be more flattering than a man who wants to become more like me?
The Goddess Athena

Do you secretly long to imitate the Women you adore? Do you find it difficult to resist the urge to raid your mother¹s panty drawer or your wife¹s closet? For those living out the realities of a world where the macho male prevails in nearly every form of forced fed media propaganda there is little understanding for those feeling the urges to live out a "softer" more "feminine" existence.

Or are you a macho man who needs to be put in his place? If you think that sort of attitude will make these Women fawn and scrape, THINK again! Discover yourself tied down while clad only in frilly pink panties. It is so HARD to make idiotic macho statements when you are dressed like a little slut! If you still can¹t behave, I am certain that a sound over the knee spanking while you kick your high heels impotently behind you would make you realize that you are not in charge here.

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